2022 Spring Launch

Fresh features that build your confidence at work.

Digital disruption won’t wait.

Deliver Value to Customers Faster

Organizing around value is a modern business imperative.

Organize around value by:

Getting started with the Organize Around Value Community Page, OAV Practice Guide, and OAV Collaborate Templates

Continuing the journey with the Value Stream Mapping Community Page and Collaborate Templates

Communicating success with the Measure Community Page

Certified SPCs and SAFe® Enterprise members can access all of these resources.

Launch a Lean Portfolio

Put your money where your priorities are

Stand up a Lean Portfolio by:

Implementing patterns learned in the updated LPM Getting Started Workshop, Day 3 of the Lean Portfolio Management course

Beginning the journey with resources, tools, and SAFe Collaborate templates in the Adopt LPM Community Page

Ensuring a successful journey with the LPM Practice Guide

Certified SPCs , LPM Course attendees, and SAFe® Enterprise members can access all of these resources.

Support leaders in their Lean-Agile journey with Leading in the Digital Age, a cohort-based leadership development program

SAFe Takes Practice. Practice Matters.

Get the practice you need to be a confident RTE

Successfully lead your ART by:

Gaining confidence on day one with a Role-Based Homepage and RTE Essentials e-learning

Facilitating virtual iteration events, custom workshops, and virtual PI Planning with PI Event Facilitator Guides and SAFe Collaborate

Training new ART team members with SAFe 5.1 course updates

Measuring success with RTE Role-Based Assessment and the Team and Technical Agility Assessment and Growth Recommendations

Those with “RTE” selected on your SAFe Community Platform role can access all of these resources. SAFe Enterprise members can participate in unlimited SAFe Collaborate workshops and events.

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