Transformation in Practice Panel – Recharging a Stalled Transformation

Hear a field perspective from leading transformation experts. Our panelists will share their change leadership approach to revive a stalling transformation.


June 28, 2022, 9:00 am – June 28, 2022, 9:30 am MST




Event Overview

How do you get your SAFe implementation unstuck? 

Hear a field perspective from leading transformation experts. Our panelists will share their change leadership approach to revive a stalling transformation.

This part of a webinar series introducing success patterns for a SAFe transformation.


Deema Dajani Headshot

Deema Dajani

SAFe Fellow, Product Manager (Scaled Agile)

Deema draws on a Startup background and an MBA from Kellogg to help large established institutions achieve Portfolio and business agility. Starting her journey practicing Lean-Agile methods in the early 2000’s, years before she transitioned to advising the largest transformations and lean portfolio management in the Financial Services space. Deema is the co-founder of the Women in Agile organization a non profit organization focused on removing barriers and promoting inclusion in the agile community.

Rebecca Davis Headshot

Rebecca Davis

SAFe Fellow and Principal Consultant – Framework Team (Scaled Agile)

Rebecca Davis has been leading Agile teams, trains, and leaders for over 15 years within startups, mid-size, and Fortune 100 enterprises. Davis brings her experience as a former Release Train Engineer, Scrum Master, Portfolio Lead, Quality Director, and LACE Director into her current activities. Rebecca is a SAFe Fellow and SPCT who highlights joy and energy within her work.

Chris Ruch

CEO, SPCT (Agile Rising)

Chris Ruch has more than two decades of experience as a leader and executive in software development, Agile Product Management, and Lean Portfolio Management. As Agile Rising’s President and CEO, he leads our team of Enterprise Transformation Coaches and specializes in large, complex transformation strategy, lean portfolio management, and SAFe across the enterprise (from business agility, hardware, marketing, to support).

Cheryl Crupi Headshot

Cheryl Crupi

Principal (Crupi & Co.)

Founder and principal of Crupi & Co., Cheryl Crupi is an internationally recognized speaker, author and executive coach specializing in Lean-Agile change leadership. Cheryl is passionate about achieving the benefits of Agility, starting with the building blocks of team Agility to the full span of enterprise business Agility. In over a decade as an enterprise Agile change champion in Fortune 500 companies, she successfully activated confident, adaptive and innovate Agilists in 40+ countries.

Yvonne Delaney Headshot

Yvonne Delaney

SPCT Candidate. Enterprise Agile Coach (CPrime)

The agile movement in the early 2000s was a game changer, and Yvonne realized that early on and never turned back. Since then agile has been at the foundation of Yvonne’s coaching. She has enabled organizations to get truly excited about engaging and working in new ways to gain efficiencies in delivering high-quality products that are of great value to their customers. Yvonne is well versed in leading large scale organizational transformations. Leveraging her agile subject matter expertise coupled with deep software process engineering and quality assurance background, Yvonne has been the change agent leading numerous start-ups to Fortune 100 companies in translating their product vision into market-ready reality.