Digital Badging Usage Restrictions

Usage Restrictions

Scaled Agile, Inc. (SAI) has exclusive rights to its registered trademarks “Scaled Agile Framework” and “SAFe”. In addition all SAFe content is protected by US & International copyright laws and may not be copied, modified to create derivative works, or distributed without permission from SAI.

SAI is legally obligated to protect its trademarks and copyrighted content, and is diligent in enforcing its rights in a consistent manner. SAI always requires the trademarks be marked with the registered symbol ® paired with an attribution statement indicating that the trademarks are owned by SAI (see below).

Permission Required

No SAI trademark may be used in any digital badge without prior review by and express permission from SAI. Requests should be submitted via SAI Permissions using the Permissions Form and should include the proposed badge and description of skills to earn the same.


SAI registered trademarks (“Scaled Agile Framework” or “SAFe”) must be marked with the ® in superscript font in the badge logo design, heading, and description. The description must also include the attribution: “SAFe and Scaled Agile Framework are registered trademarks of Scaled Agile, Inc.”

Job Skills

Presently, the Acclaim platform does not support special characters such as ® in its skill tags, but the symbol and attribution should be used whenever and wherever possible.  The following skills tags should be used when referencing Scaled Agile Framework® or SAFe®:

  • SAFe
  • SAFe 4
  • Scaled Agile Framework

Badge Criteria and Educational Standards

For each reference to SAFe® intellectual property, the badge issuer should provide the specific name and website link (where applicable), such as to: copyrighted website content, graphics, courseware, instructor and student workbooks, tools, usage guides, certifications, and related materials.