I’m a SPC4, what do I need to do to teach 4.6 courses?

To validate to teach on SAFe 4.6 courses, go to the community.scaledagile.com platform, select Enablement, select your SPC tile, and register for the Course Delivery Enablement you’d like to achieve.  If the buttons are grey, go to the About tab, Register, and then complete your Course Delivery Enablement Plan.

I’m SAFe 4 certified, what do I need to make sure my certificate is up to date?

SAFe 4.6 is an update to the already available version 4 framework, there is no new certification. This means that everyone certified on SAFe version 4 – whether it was 4.0, 4.5, or 4.6 receives the SAFe 4 certification and SAFe 4 Digital Badge. If you are SAFe 4 certified you will not need to retest or take any classes to update your certification. The most up to date certification available is a SAFe 4 Certification based on the Scaled Agile version 4 Framework.

What’s the difference between upgrade and update?

An upgrade is when we release a significantly changed version of the Scaled Agile Framework. We would provide an upgrade path which would potentially require you to take a new exam to earn the new version of the SAFe certifications and Digital Badge.

Updates happen when we make some changes to the existing version of the framework. For example, we are currently using version 4 of SAFe and SAFe 4.5 and 4.6 have been updates to version 4. Updates do not require you to retest or retake a class as you already have the most up to date certification available, SAFe 4 certification.

Note: Framework updates and upgrades are designed to be backwards compatible.

Why is it 4.6 and not 5.0?

While 4.6 adds information to the framework, it does not constitute a large enough shift to warrant a major version change with all that implies.

I took pre-conference training at the SAFe Summit, when can I certify?

If you attended the Pre-conference Training at the SAFe Summit in DC, you will have your Learning Plan for RTE, POPM, DevOps, or SASM course by the last day of your class at the Summit, October 2, 2018. All other courses, except System and Solution Architect, will be provided access to the Learning Plans and exams on November 7th, 2018. For SAFe System and Solution Architect, the Learning Plan and exam will be provided when the course is released publicly at a date to be determined.