scaled agile

How Working Differently
Can Benefit You

Agile is transforming the way companies work. The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) can help you stay ahead of the curve, advance your career, and lead the change.

Become a Leader Who Inspires Change

Learn from Porsche’s Success

Want to lead a transformation at your company? Building bridges between silos can drive customer value and agility, as in the case of iconic automotive company Porsche.

The Power of Storytelling

Make a great impression by elevating your home office Storytelling is a powerful way to inspire change. This session from SAFe Summit 2020 explores how leaders can use storytelling to motivate action and align goals.

Lead with Empathy

In this podcast, SAFe Fellow Dr. Steve Mayne shares insights he’s observed about leaders (including himself) and tips for creating an authentic work environment that’s tolerant of failure.

Helping Enterprises Succeed

SAFe® is a Proven Solution for World-Renowned Organizations

Measure What Matters

In this webinar, experts discuss Scaled Agile’s comprehensive approach to measuring business agility and performance and how it can be applied at every level of an organization.

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