SAFe® for Government

Applying Lean-Agile Practices in the Public Sector with SAFe

More government agencies are adopting Lean-Agile practices to generate better results for stakeholders, including government and military personnel, contractors, and civilians. But how do you overcome legacy governance, contracting, and organizational barriers? How do you adapt private sector success patterns to the government context to deliver value faster?

In the SAFe® for Government course, you’ll learn how to apply Lean-Agile and SAFe practices in a government organization. So you can deliver projects with speed and quality. Improve collaboration with teams and stakeholders, mitigate risk, and make efficient use of taxpayer money.

SAFe® for Government answers the questions:

  • What are specific leadership behaviors that can drive successful organizational change in government?
  • How do I build high-performing, multi-vendor teams and Agile Release Trains (ARTs)?
  • How do I manage contracts and acquisition/procurement using Agile principles and practices?
  • How can I coordinate Agile at scale in a government and multi-vendor environment?

What’s included:

  • Course materials
  • Remote learning via SAFe® Virtual Classrooms
  • Access to SAFe® Collaborate, a visual online workspace
  • One-year membership to the SAFe® Community Platform
  • Access to content, tools, and resources you need to practice SAFe every day
  • SAFe for Government certification exam

SAFe® for Government Attendees learn:

  • How to apply Lean, Agile, and DevOps principles and practices in traditional government organizations and cultures.
  • How to adapt technology strategy, budgeting and forecasting, acquisition, compliance, and governance practices to flow-based practices using emerging government guidelines.
  • How to organize government programs into ARTs and execute in program increments (PIs), even in remote environments with distributed teams.
  • How to build an action plan to begin or accelerate a SAFe implementation in your program or agency.

Adapted for interactive remote learning with SAFe® Virtual Classrooms

SAFe® for Government

What people say about SAFe® for Government

“A good course that helped fill in all of the cracks (and gaping holes) in my practical knowledge of Agile and SAFe.”

What people say about SAFe for Government

“Great resources for a revolutionary way to do government.”

What people say about SAFe for Government

“SAFe is the example to do Agile projects and deliver value to the customer.”

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