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Adopt the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) used by 800,000 people in 20,000 organizations around the globe

What is SAFe?

A proven system for implementing Agile, Lean, and DevOps at scale

The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) helps organizations build and deliver the high-quality products and services customers want while staying responsive to change. SAFe is the #1 framework for scaling Agile, with proven benefits in productivity, time-to-market, quality, and employee engagement.

Benefits of scaling Agile with SAFe

  1. Increased productivity
    Align on plans and organize around value to boost productivity and minimize waste.
  2. Engaged employees
    Empower teams to collaborate better, deliver on a sustainable cadence, and feel purpose and autonomy in their work.
  3. Reduced time-to-market
    Make faster decisions, ship value in shorter increments, and respond quickly to change.
  4. Improved quality
    Make customer value the top priority and build continuous improvement into every process.

SAFe Training & Certification

Get SAFe certified, train and learn while gaining SAFe knowledge and skills with Scaled Agile and our extensive partner network. Use our course finder to browse options and find the best course for you.

SAFe Certified

Leading SAFe

with Certified SAFe® Agilist

Leading SAFe offers you an introduction to the foundations of SAFe, and provides the principles and practices to drive your Lean-Agile transformation with confidence.

Implementing SAFe®

Certified SAFe® Program Consultant

Implementing SAFe offers attendees the broadest level of insight into each layer of a SAFe implementation. Get what you need to be a leader in a Lean-Agile transformation.

SAFe® Product Owner / Product Manager

Certified SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager

This course covers the tactical responsibilities of Product Owners and Product Managers in the Agile Release Train. Get the guidance and tools you need to work effectively.

SAFe® Scrum Master

Certified SAFe® Scrum Master

Coach Agile teams to deliver business value at scale. The SAFe Scrum Master course covers the tactical skills to be an effective Scrum Master in a SAFe organization.

Lean Portfolio Management

Certified SAFe® Lean Portfolio Manager

With a Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) approach, you can collaborate across silos, empower teams, and organize around value to adapt to what customers want, faster.

SAFe® for Teams

Certified SAFe® Practitioner

SAFe for Teams covers the tactical skills to be a high-performing member of an Agile Release Train. Get the most out of your experience by taking it with your team.

SAFe® Release Train Engineer

Certified SAFe® Release Train Engineer

Learn to execute and continuously improve PI Planning and other key SAFe events and discover how to coach leaders, teams, and Scrum Masters in new processes and mindsets.

SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master

Certified SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master

Build on your existing skills in the SAFe Advanced Scrum Master course and discover how to facilitate success for Agile teams, Agile Release Trains, and the organization.

SAFe® DevOps

Certified SAFe® DevOps Practitioner

The SAFe DevOps course helps you optimize development value stream from end to end, map your current value stream, and design a Continuous Delivery Pipeline.

SAFe® for Architects

Certified SAFe® Architect

Get the context you need to align architecture with business value. Understand how system, solution, and enterprise architects collaboratively deliver solutions.

Agile Product Management

Certified SAFe® Agile Product Manager

In the Agile Product Management course, explore how to use design thinking to put customers at the center and create products that are desirable, feasible, and sustainable.

SAFe® for Government

Certified SAFe® Government Practitioner

In the SAFe for Government course, learn how to apply Lean-Agile and SAFe practices in a government organization. So you can deliver projects with speed and quality.

Agile Software Engineering

Certified SAFe® Agile Software Engineer

What skills do you need to deliver high-quality, software-centric solutions more predictably? Learn how modern practices enable continuous value flow and built-in quality.

See which SAFe course is right for you

See which SAFe course is right for you

2021 Global SAFe Summit

Discover how organizations around the world are using SAFe to drive results.

Join the SAFe Community

When you become a member of the SAFe Community, you join 800,000 other professionals building better products, creating more collaborative workplaces, and advancing their careers. 

Find How-to Videos, Toolkits, and Templates

We’ve got resources designed to help you run successful SAFe ceremonies. Find facilitator guides, preparation checklists, videos, templates, remote-friendly tips, and sample agendas, all in one place.

Tap into Community Discussion Forums

Looking for advice or professional networking? Get answers from our robust community of learners, Agile coaches, and SAFe experts.

Get an Intro to Agile and SAFe

New to SAFe and wondering where to start? Short e-learning modules on Agile Basics help those new to Agile and SAFe get up to speed quickly.

Measure and Grow Your Performance

Baseline and measure your progress toward your Agile transformation and your broader business objectives. Identify improvement actions that yield the biggest impact.

Scaled Agile

“Audi wants to enable interested parties and customers to have a seamless, emotional, and simple brand experience – both online and offline, and across all points of contact. Audi has switched its work model for Digital Business to SAFe, allowing agile collaboration with its partners.”