Show Notes Episode 1: Leadership Buy-in, Normalized Story Points and more

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Learn how the US Department of Defense is using SAFe to build out a cyber-factory to defend against cyber-attacks. Understand the difference between leadership buy-in and engagement, why engagement is so much more powerful, and how to get it. Hear answers to commonly asked questions around remote PIPlanning and normalized story points.





SAFe in the News

DoD ramps up development of a ‘cyber factory’

By: Mark Pomerleau

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Cyber warfare, or warfare context of computers, online control systems and networks, continues to be a near-daily news item.  The United States Cyber Command was formed in 2009 under the National Security Administration to address these cyber-attacks from both offensive and defensive positions.

Last month, Northrop Grumman was awarded a $54 million system coordinator contract to integrate capabilities for the Unified Platform, one of U.S. Cyber Command’s largest and most critical national security programs to date.


SAFe for Government

SAFe for Government is now part of the Scaled Agile curriculum!  Crafted for government leaders and influencers who can guide the decision to adopt SAFe within their agency.  Learn more at:




SAFe in the Trenches

Getting leadership support is critical to the success of any SAFe transformation.  In this episode, Joe Vallone, SPCT, discusses his experience on how to best secure leadership support.




Audio CoP

The Audio Community of Practice section of the show is where we answer YOUR most frequently asked and submitted questions.  If you have a question for us to answer on air, please send it to

The two questions we answer in this episode are:

  • How do we conduct PI Planning with people who are remote?  How do we overcome time differences and what tools do we use?
  • Why does SAFe use normalized story points?