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  • SAFe® at AT&T

    • Telecommunications

    “Many people in organizations think they are just too complex to have that business agility. However, as a company, AT&T proved that we could pivot and establish new ways of working to meet an urgent need.”  —Mary Ellen Ferrara What started with a small Agile group in 2012 has evolved into a growing effort to […]

  • The best way to improve your skills is through practice. But practicing the wrong way can lead to bad habits. In this episode of the SAFe Business Agility podcast, SPCT Dwayne Stroman discusses the concept of “practice makes permanent” and how it helps drive a successful SAFe implementation. Bill and Dwayne cover topics including: The […]

  • Technical expert, cat-herder, change leader, entrepreneur. Lots of terms have been used to describe an architect. But a marine pilot? In today’s episode of the SAFe Business Agility podcast, senior consultant and SPCT candidate Steve Adolph joins us to talk about that metaphor, plus the importance of the architect role and why it doesn’t get […]

  • In between running the Value Stream and ART Identification Workshop and actually launching an ART lies an informal process to determine what people should be involved where. And when that informal process is rushed, it can lead to less-than-optimal outcomes. At least that’s what SPCT Marshall Guillory discovered as he worked with organizations at that […]